The Three Angels' Messages Series

The Three Angels' Messages is a brand new series in 3 episodes. Examining the three angel's messages from a rarely addressed angle. Seeing the consistent link between all three and the issue of worship. Presented by Nader Mansour. A series not to be missed!

Episode 1 - God's Final Call

Episode 1 of the Three Angels' Messages. The first angels' message is examined in detail. What are the real issues in this message? Who is the God that we are called to fear and worship? Why are so many people confused over this simple question? We can have no hope at giving this message unless we understand it. This is the final call of mercy that God is sending to a perishing world.

Episode 2 - Unmasking the god of Babylon

Episode 2 of the Three Angels' Messages. Examining the deeper aspects of the second angels' message. Who is the god of Babylon? How many people are worshiping him? How will Satan succeed in deceiving the whole world? How can you escape this deception? These are vital questions that will be addressed in this study.

Episode 3 - The Contest of Worship

Episode 3 (final) of the Three Angels' Messages.What are the real issues in the contest of worship? Is it only a battle over which day? The contest of worship examines the real issues in this battle that is soon to come to every soul in this world. All those who hope to succeed in this contest must have a correct understanding of the issues involved.