Here you will find a variety of tools and resources to aid you in sharing the truth with others and sharing the blessings you find on this website. All resources can be used and shared freely so long as our website is referenced.

Sermon Transcripts

The Biblical 9/11 - Nader Mansour (PDF) Video

The Alpha & Omega - Nader Mansour (PDF) Video1 / Video2 updated

Satan's Last Day Theology - Nader Mansour (PDF) Video

The Forgotten Truth - Nader Mansour (PDF) Video

Where is the Rain? - Nader Mansour (PDF) Video

mp3 Sermons (from any video message)

If you would like to listen to the audio file of any video message you can do so easily. Here is how:

1- Copy the URL from the video's page. There are a variety of conversion services available online for free. These websites will extract the audio from the video of your choice and present it as an MP3 file for download.
(You will need to open the video in YouTube and then copy the URL from your browser's address bar. Make sure that you copy the entire URL.)

2- Visit a conversion site. A quick Google search for "youtube to mp3" will return a large number of sites that will convert the video for you. Almost all of these sites are free, though the quality of the end result will vary from site to site.(a few links we use are given below).

3- Paste the URL into the field. At the center of any of these websites, you will see a text field. Paste your copied URL into this field.

4- Click the Convert button. Depending on the site, you will need to click the "Convert", "Go", or "Convert Video" button next to the URL field. Be very wary of advertisements, as many of these sites have ads that look like Download or Convert buttons. Make sure to only click the button that is right next to the URL box.

5- Wait for the video to be converted. Once you click the button to start the process, the video will begin to be converted. This can take some time, especially if the video is long. You can do other things on your computer while you wait for the conversion to finish.

6- Download the MP3. After the file has finished converting, you will be taken to a download page. Again, be very careful which download button you click, as there will typically be a lot of ads designed to trick you. For best results, use these services with an AdBlocker extension installed for your browser to hide the ads.
(Your file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder or wherever you specify. You can then add it to your media library or transfer it to your Android phone or iPhone/iPod or mp3 player.)

Some conversion sites that we use:

Happy listening!

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