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Feast Days – Are They Still Binding?

The question of the feast days is one that we get regularly asked about. We have found that many people within the Godhead community are wondering about them. Are the feast days binding on us today? Do we have to keep them? Are they ceremonial or moral?

On this page we share some resources and information that helps answer these and other related questions. You will find studies, testimonies, and articles from a variety of sources that will aid you in your study. As we have studied this subject we have found that there is no convincing evidence to require Christians to keep the feast days today. There is much that we can learn, though, from the feast days relating to prophecy & end time events. We share these resources as an aid to your study and an explanation of why we have come to our current conclusions. We pray you will be richly blessed as you study.


A Study into Colossians 2:14-17
By: Imad Awde
What did Paul mean when he said